Monday, May 25, 2009

Don't do it Jana!

Station promos in Australia are generally extremely persuasive commercials for the immediate abolition of the entities they're supposed to promote. My personal low-point was seeing hitherto-respected Jana Wendt sing cabaret with Ray Martin to flog another year of 9. WHY JANA WHY? At least ITV here are trying.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Brand Kings Cross Clare

Last Saturday night, there was a shooting in Kings Cross, Sydney.

This in itself is not unusual. People are, and often ought to be, shot in the Cross all the time.

What did catch the eye was the magnificent TV interview with an eyewitness, Clare.

In a few, beautifully short sentences, Clare etched herself into the memories of millions.

Less than a week later, she has 10000 facebook fans, 100,000 Youtube hits and a PR Agent.

Some have even questioned whether or not Clare is real, or just an elaborate PR stunt. Which is either a barometer of the underemployment of industry commentators, or a low-water mark in the histroy of marketing.

She has come to mean something.

Clare from Kings Cross is now a brand. As one YouTube commentator said 'hot,but bogan'.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

The Hole Card.

A mob of ex-TBWA-ers have started up a online social group for bright people who've been laid off due to the GFC. By posting their old business cards online (altered to refelect their newly liberated state of mind), they put themselves out there for collaboration and/or employment. Some of the sentiments are really inspiring. I hope for many, this'll be the start of much better things. Was for me.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

More new work

New campaign for new generation Mazda 3, through CHE Melbourne. Other credits to Stephen Fisher, Ian Bear, Georgina Toole and director Michael Spiccia. Special effects by FIN.

How Twitter can help move mass markets

What's the quickest way to get a new product to a mass market? Put it on Oprah!
On today's show she's decided to feed America, with a free coupon for a new kind of KFC grilled chicken downloadable from her website.
Right now the Twitterverse is abuzz with people talking about the offer, the chicken, whether grilled is less fattening than fried, how to download the coupon, how long the queues are outside the stores.
People are actually talking about KFC and shifting their perceptions of the brand.
Which fits in with the line for the new grilled chicken: Unthink KFC. Brilliant.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The making of Radiohead's 'House Of Cards'

I personally found the video for Radiohead's House of Cards, directed by James Frost, a bit like their music; undoubtedly original, not easy to enjoy and lives with you for a long while afterwards.
Frost's idea was that everything around us in the world is data, so instead of filming with cameras, the promo was shot entirely by lasers and scanners.
Admittedly, when I saw first saw it on TV, it didn't do much for me.
But the song and the film resonated more when I watched the 'making of'.
Which begs the question; should the music video be able to stand on it's own (it does have 6 million hits on YouTube) or is the depth of the experience provided by the 'making of' a legitimate part of the whole communication?
Thom Yorke's band were one of the first to understand the emergence of the digital music business model. Fans were invited to download their 2007 album In Rainbows and pay as they saw fit for it, using free or discounted music as advertising for upcoming music tours.
They probably know what they're doing.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Radio Pink

Austereo have announced the launch of a digital radio station completely dedicated to Pink. Songs, interviews, songs from her favourite artists.
The launch of the station will coincide with her Funhouse tour to Australia in May, and continue fof 3 months.
What's really neat about this is that fans choose to listen to the station (online or with digital radios) to deepen their relationship with their favourite artist.
But Pink is a brand, with the same marketing imperatives and challenges as many others. With the sharp decline in CD sales as a way of making money, artists now make the bulk of their income through touring and merchandising sales.
What better way to promote your tour, and your branded products, than through a dedicated media channel?
Cleverly handled, this could also provide opportunities for other brands.
Imagine Kia having a dedicated channel during the Australian Open. Billabong over the long summer holidays. Moet or Yellowglen over the Mlebourne Spring Carnival. Holden over the duration of the V8 Supercar season.
Thousands of people choosing to immerse themselves in your brand for hours at a time.
Much better than shouting at them over 30 seconds when they're trying to watch the news.