Friday, May 22, 2009

Brand Kings Cross Clare

Last Saturday night, there was a shooting in Kings Cross, Sydney.

This in itself is not unusual. People are, and often ought to be, shot in the Cross all the time.

What did catch the eye was the magnificent TV interview with an eyewitness, Clare.

In a few, beautifully short sentences, Clare etched herself into the memories of millions.

Less than a week later, she has 10000 facebook fans, 100,000 Youtube hits and a PR Agent.

Some have even questioned whether or not Clare is real, or just an elaborate PR stunt. Which is either a barometer of the underemployment of industry commentators, or a low-water mark in the histroy of marketing.

She has come to mean something.

Clare from Kings Cross is now a brand. As one YouTube commentator said 'hot,but bogan'.

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