Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Two monkeys and an old jam jar.

Able and Baker fancied a latte yesterday, and swung down from their plush Flinders Lane digs to Federation square to check out The Greenhouse. Built in just a couple of weeks by Melbourne flower artist Joost, the idea was to help us understand the unsustainability of many of the things we consume by providing sustainable alternatives.

The building itself is made of old strawbales and recyclable steel, coffee is served in old jam jars and the seats that become stools that become coffee tables are to build from discarded shipping crates.

The rooftop is covered in vegies grown in old milk crates which go straight to the kitchen. The outdoor furniture appears to be made of old billboard skins and road signs.

The Greenhouse won't single-handedly save the planet. But at the table next to Able & Baker's, a gaggle of ladies in their 60s teased their friend for refusing to drink out of a jam jar. They were talking about sustainability, recyclability and the life-cycle of objects. Which they would not have done had they been sitting in Gloria Jean's.

A special space-monkey clap for Joost and his chums at bttb (Bigger Than Ten Bears).

At the end of January, The Greenhouse will be dissembled, apparently leaving not a single trace of waste. Rumour has it that it will resurface somewhere else, possibly next year’s Milan Furniture Fair

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