Monday, December 8, 2008

Tata to Commodore and Falcon?

Earlier this year, an Indian manufacturer launched the Tata Nano at the New Delhi Auto Expo.

The Nano is the cheapest production car in the world, selling for about US$2300.

It makes car ownership available to people who could never before dream of such a thing.

The Nano will grow the Indian car market by an estimated 65%. Cars can be shipped in parts and assembled by local entrepreneurs, creating a whole new class of business-owners and bypassing the traditional dealer network.

And the same time, Able and Baker's colleagues in multinational ad agencies up and down St Kilda Road are scratching their heads on how to sell Holden Commodores and Ford Falcons that fewer and fewer Australians want.

Sales in this segment fell 21% in November alone.

Australian car dealers are now dependent on government handouts to stay open.

One car creates a market for itself. The other two fight over one that is dying.

Perhaps our creative friends will pull something out of their hats and create a compelling case for Ford and Holden. But you can be certain the Nano will sell itself.

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