Thursday, December 4, 2008

Serendipity and the effect of girls.

Able was out on the front lawn this evening, enjoying a glass of Mt Difficulty pinot noir, and happened upon his neighbour.

His neighbour is about to be married, and her sister was over from Oregon for the occassion. Able got chatting, only to find that said neighbour's sister worked for the Nike Foundation and worked on The Girl Effect.

Able clapped his little rhesus monkey hands, as it one of he and Baker's all-time favourite ideas.

What's nice about it is the appropriate invisibility of Nike. Their sweaty pawprints aren't all over the spot or the program. The Nikeness is only there if you look for it.
Or if someone tells you. Which Able thinks is really nice.

Unlike Starbucks, who ripped of the idea shamelessly but got all heavy-handedly focus groupy ROI on it.

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